Repair360 Back Office 3.8.7

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 3.8.7

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Preset discounts

You can set up discounts that can be added when approving repair order services.

  • Choose between percentage and currency discount types

  • Apply the discount to total amount

  • Turn on the discount for all services (Do not turn on for service-specific discounts)

  • Set specific discount rates per service, client, location, and area

Note You can also configure preset discounts on multiple levels for a specific service.

When you approve repair order services you can add preset discounts and, if needed, override the discount rates populated automatically based on settings for service, area, client, or repair location level.

Move between related service requests and repair orders

We have added the appropriate buttons to the ’Service Request’ and ‘Repair Order’ detail views so that you can easily navigate between a service request and a repair order created from it.

Use additional flag colors for repair orders

We have added the ‘Pink’ and ‘Light Blue’ colors to the ‘Flag’ palette so that you can use more repair order flags for your needs.

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