Repair360 Back Office 3.8.2

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 3.8.2

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Improved sorting for repair order parts

We have improved repair order parts sorting on the ‘Parts Management’ pages (new and old) and the ‘Repair Order’ detail view.

  • Parts with no orders are displayed on the top of the list

  • Parts with one or multiple orders from the same vendor are sorted by vendor name alphabetically

  • Parts with multiple part orders from different vendors are displayed at the bottom of the list

Also, within the groups mentioned above the parts are sorted alphabetically by categories and subcategories, then by part name, and finally by part identifier.

Note If a part was ordered more than once but from the same vendor, you will see the vendor name in the ‘Order From’ field (not the ‘Multiple Vendors’ link as before).

Showing flag hours and reported time

We have unified different terms used for defining anticipated time and actual hours into ‘Flag Hours’ and ‘Reported Time’ to make the wording more consistent on:

  • ‘Time Report’

  • ‘Time Reporting’ view

  • ‘Service Personnel Activity’ report

Showing the ‘Work Started’ indicator on the repair order list

In the ‘Repair Orders’ list view, you can see the ‘Stopwatch’ indicator icon if repair orders have at least one service or task with reported work time by technician (time record with at least start time).

Support for the ‘Vehicle’ price policy in ReconMonitor

If you select multiple panels when adding a service with the ‘Vehicle’ price policy to a monitored work order, multiple services are shown on the ‘Repair Order’ detail view, however, only one service with the biggest price is taken into account, while others are excluded from the repair order total.

Note On the ‘Repair Order Approval’ page, only one of the multiple services is available for approval or decline.

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