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MOTOR car-specific parts catalogs

You can assign a service with the ‘Parts’ price type to the ‘MOTOR car-specific parts’ catalog that includes only parts specific for the given vehicle. When you add a part to the repair order, you can find the necessary part and select the appropriate labor time for its replacement.

Note If the VIN is not specified, you can select one of labor times available for the given vehicle’s make, model, and year.

Part inventory adjustments

You can set up part inventory adjustment so that when you add or edit inventory batches you can increase or decrease the price if and when necessary.

  • Click Parts Inventory in the Settings group of the main menu.

  • Click Adjustments on the Payment Settings page.

  • On the Adjustments view, click the Add Adjustment button.

  • Enter and save the adjustment details.

Now when you add or edit a part inventory batch, you can click the Add Adjustment button and select the appropriate adjustment from the list.

You can also update or delete the adjustment if needed.

Ensure adding credit memos to parts and cores in the ‘RTV Complete’ status

We have changed the ‘RTV’ status to the ‘RTV Complete’ status in the ‘Parts Management’ and ‘Old Parts Management’ add-on settings, so now credit memo is required when parts and cores status gets changed to 'RTV Completed' (instead of the ‘RTV’ status as it was before).

Use grams and quarts for parts inventory UOM

We have added ‘Grams’ and ‘Quarts’ as Units of Measurement of parts inventory for such parts as Freon that comes in grams or Oil that gets installed in quarts.

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