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Repair360 Back Office 3.7.9

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 3.7.9

Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago

Manage roles

We have implemented a new permission system that lets you create your own user roles with flexible access to available features.

Roles List

On the ‘Roles’ page, you can view, edit, and delete existing roles, as well as create new roles.

Search Bar

If you have a long list of roles, you can find the appropriate role by name, description, and type of access using the ‘Search’ box or the ‘Advanced Search’ form.

Role Details

On the ‘Role’ detail view, you can specify role name, description, and access to Back Office and Mobile app.

Supported Resources

In the Back Office application, role settings are supported on the following pages:

  • Repair Orders

  • Parts Management (new)

  • Parts Inventory

  • Users

  • Device Management

Audit Log

You can see the history of changes made to a role, who made these changes, and when.

Global Roles

When you create a new role you can select one of the global roles and the new role will automatically inherit the permissions of the selected global role.

Assign users to roles

You can assign users to one or multiple roles so that users can have different access to specific functionality.

Vehicle Inventory

We have continued working on the ‘Vehicle Inventory’ feature and now the whole feature will be available for users.

Enable and apply pinned searches

You can pin the most commonly used saved searches to show them with counters in the header of the Vehicle page.

Vehicle inventory search improvements

On the ‘Vehicle Inventory’ page and the ‘Vehicles’ page, you can find a vehicle by the stock number or VIN if you type at least three characters in the Search box or in the appropriate field of the ‘Advanced Search’ form.

Note If there are more than 10 vehicles in the search result, you can load more vehicles.

Manage vehicle inventory status reasons

You can open the ‘Vehicle Inventory’ settings page to add, edit, and delete vehicle inventory status reasons.

Showing repair locations for selected area

In the ‘Advanced Search’ form and the ‘Vehicle Inventory’ view, when you select an area the list of repair locations is automatically filtered by the selected area.

Integration Dashboards

We have added the ability to assign priority to estimates and virtual machines.

Summary Dashboard

With the new dashboard, users can see the status of “active” virtual machines (VM) and manage priorities assigned to each virtual machine.

Conversion Dashboard

We have made some improvements to allow users to see and set the priority to failed estimates and see the following estimate statuses:

  • Skipped

  • Waiting

  • In Process

  • Success

  • Failed

Showing the warning message that repair order checkout will soon expire

When you edit repair order services and the checkout time is not enough, you can click the ‘Continue’ button on the warning message that appears several seconds before the repair order checkout expires.

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