Auto-create question services when importing service requests

When you import service requests, you can select a question that has an answer in the imported file.

If a service is assigned to the question answer in the question section of the question form assigned to the appropriate service request type...

...then this service will be automatically added to the imported service request...

...and the work order automatically created from the service request (if the work order type is assigned to the package with this service).

Enhancements for the ‘Technician Commissions by Hourly Rates (New)’ report

We have added the ‘Team’ filter to the ‘Search’ panel of the ‘Enhancements for the ‘Technician Commissions by Hourly Rates (New)’ report so that you can run the report by team instead of running it for the entire company or a single employee. Also, we have added the ‘Team’ column that shows technician’s team and the ‘# of hours assigned’ that shows the total time from technician’s timesheets.

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