ReconPro mobile app 3.7.7

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.7.7 for Android and iOS devices

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Improvements for read-only phases

If a work order is in a read-only phase, you cannot edit the work order details, but you still can:

  • monitor the repair order (i.e. start, reset start date, change status, etc.)

  • create an inspection from the work order

  • generate a print preview of the work order.

Improvements for email addresses

We have unified the approach of selecting email addresses on the ‘Email’ screen from the ‘Phone Book’, ‘Customer Contacts’, and ‘Service Advisors’ screens.

Note If an email address has not passed the basic validation, the appropriate warning message appears on the screen, but you can still send the email if you are sure it is correct.

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