Repar360 Back Office 3.7.8

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 3.7.8

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Add repair bundles to repair orders

You can select one or multiple services with the ‘Repair Bundle’ price type and then specify the details of each selected repair bundle and their items before adding them to the repair order.

Enhancements for Parts Inventory

We have made the following improvements for the ‘Parts Inventory’ feature:

  • The ‘History’ button was renamed to ‘Batches’, ‘Batch History’ title to ‘Batches’, ‘Vendor Price’ label to ‘Vendor Unit Price’.

  • The warning message is shown when you try to set the 'Inactive' status to an inventory with ‘Available Quantity’ greater than zero.

Settings for the ‘Parts Inventory’ add-on

We have added the ‘Settings’ option for the ‘Parts Inventory’ add-on. The first setting ‘Vendor invoice # required for received batches’ is turned on by default and defines that the vendor invoice number must be specified when the batch status is changed to ‘Received’. You can turn it off if you don’t need it.

Extended access for users with administrative roles

Users with the ‘Administrator’, ‘Area Administrator’, or ‘Team Administrator’ role can:

  • Change team and employee in Monitor

  • Access the ‘Repair Order Approval’ page in Monitor

  • Change part provider in Parts Management

Changes in the ‘Part Activity’ report

We have made the following changes to the ‘Part Activity’ report:

  • Showing the part number, class, and condition for each activity record

  • Showing negative quantity if installed parts were returned

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