Repar360 Back Office 3.7.2

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 3.7.2

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Showing all repair orders that have not been closed

We have added the ‘All - Not Closed’ option to the ‘Repair Status’ filter in the ‘Advanced Search’ form on the ‘Repair Orders’ page so that you can search for all repair orders that have not been closed yet, i.e. repair orders in all repair statuses except for the ‘Completed - Closed’ status.

Note Now when you open the ‘Repair Orders’ page, by default you can see all not closed repair orders created within the last 90 days.

See repair order images directly from the detail view

We have added the ‘Picture’ button to the ‘Notes’ section in the ‘Repair Order’ detail view so that you can open the image viewer without opening the ‘Notes’ view first.

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