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What’s New in ReconPro Classic Back Office version

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Auto calculate bundle amount

We have added the ‘Autocalculate bundle amount’ checkbox to the ‘Service’ dialog box. The new option is available when the ‘Bundle’ price type is selected. By default, the ‘Autocalculate bundle amount’ setting is turned off. If you turn on this setting, the total amount of this bundle service will be calculated automatically as the sum of its items.

Assign a team when creating invoices from work orders

We have added the ‘Team’ drop-down list to the ‘Invoice’ section on the Work Orders’ page so that you can assign the appropriate team to the created invoices. By default, the ‘use Back Office team’ option is selected to support the current logic. You can select the ‘use Work Order team’ option to assign invoices to the same team that is assigned to work orders. Also, you can select one of the available teams to assign invoices to a specific team.

We have also added the ‘Back Office’ option to the ‘Team’ filter on the ‘Statement Report’ page so that you can search for invoices created in the Back Office application.

Question answers support in RDX Mapping

We have implemented the ‘Questions’ section in RDX Mapping to support question answers mapping for exporting invoices to QuickBooks.

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