Repar360 Back Office 3.6.5

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 3.6.5

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Pinned searches for service requests

You can pin the most commonly used saved searches to show them with counters on the toolbar of the Service Requests page.

Improvements in access to repair order details

We have added a few enhancements for better access to repair order details:

  • You can click the ‘View in Parts Management’ button on the ‘Repair Order’ detail view to see this repair order on the ‘Parts Management’ page.

  • You can click the ‘View Repair Order’ button on the ‘Parts Management’ page to open the ‘Repair Order’ detail view.

  • You can click the ‘RO Details’ menu item on the ‘Repair Orders’ page to open the ‘Repair Order’ detail view.

Note We have also added the ‘Details’ word to the work order number link to make it more obvious because it was unclear that users need to click the work order number to access repair order details.

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