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What’s New in ReconPro Classic Back Office version

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Adjust service price and tax-exempt setting per repair location and work order type

We have added the ‘Rate/Price’ and the ‘Tax-Exempt’ columns to the ‘Location Services’ view so now you can override the service price or rate, as well as specify whether services are tax-exempt on the repair location and the work order type levels.

Auto-create draft invoices from repair orders with approved services

We have added the following options to the ‘Monitor’ tab of the ‘Work Order Type’ dialog box:

  • Auto-create draft invoice for RO with approved services checkbox that indicates whether draft invoice must be created for work orders of the given type when repair order services were approved

  • Invoice Type drop-down list for selecting an invoice type that will be used for draft invoice creation.

Select the default appointment location

We have added the ‘Default appointment location’ setting to service request types so now you can set up the location type that will be selected by default when creating appointments.

Set up multiple sellers for WHI part provider

We have added the ‘Sellers’ tab to the ‘WHI’ part provider settings and the ‘Seller’ list to teams with the ‘WHI’ part provider so that you can configure a separate part provider for each WHI (Nexpart) seller.

Improvement for 'Invoice from device' filter

We have made the following changes to the ‘Invoice from device’ filter in the ‘Search’ bar on the ‘Work Orders’ page:

  • The name of the filter option has been changed to ‘Invoice Mode’

  • The checkbox has been replaced with the drop-down list:

  • (All) shows work orders regardless of the invoice mode

  • Device shows work orders that allow creating invoices from the mobile app

  • Back Office show work orders that allow creating invoices from the Back Office application

Service contracts enhancements

We have made the following changes on the ‘Service Contracts’ page:

  • 'Create Invoices' and 'Approve for billing' buttons are not displayed in the multi-select mode

  • New list of statuses is available in the ‘Search’ bar and the ‘Status’ column.

Changes in the ‘Enterprise AI’ integration settings

We have made the following changes on the ‘Enterprise AI Settings’ page:

  • The name of the feature has been changed to ‘AutoIntegrate Settings’

  • ‘Work Order Type’ filter has been added to the ‘Service’ dialog box

  • ‘AI Catalog ID’ field allows entering both numbers and letters

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