ReconPro mobile app 3.6.5

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.6.5 for Android and iOS devices

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Generate reports

You can now generate reports directly from the mobile app, and the link to the generated report will be automatically sent to the specified email address or phone number.

Create service requests

You can now create service requests from the mobile app when you work with clients on-site or in the field.

More filters for repair orders

We have significantly extended the list of common filters on the ‘Repair Orders’ screen so that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Note We have also added the ‘All’ option to the ‘Priority’ filter to let you search for repair orders regardless of their priority.

Part categorization in work order print preview

When you generate work order print preview, you can now see not only the name of a part but also its full categorization.

Image notes in inspection and work order print preview

When you generate work order print preview, you can now see image notes added to inspections and work orders, or their services.

Using ACES categorization associated with matrix panel

If vehicle parts are associated with ACES parts, then ACES categorization is automatically preset based on the selected price matrix panel:

  • In the ‘Conventional Repair’ mode, ACES part and position are preselected for the part section

  • In the ‘PDR’ mode, ACES subcategory is preselected for additional part services

Assign technicians to repair bundle items

When adding repair bundle services, you can now assign technicians to:

  • ‘Labor’ and ‘Paint’ fields for all repair operations, except for sublets:

  • ‘Price’ field for the ‘Sublet’ repair operation

Select multiple parts for question services of the ‘Labor’ price type

If a question service of the ‘Labor’ price type uses labor times from the ‘Base Vehicle Data’ source, you can select multiple parts to automatically generate multiple question services.

Note We have also removed the ‘Add Labor Services’ button from question services of the ‘Parts’ price type.

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