ReconMonitor Back Office 3.6.1

What’s New in ReconMonitor Back Office version 3.6.1

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Saved searches for service requests

You can save the filters that you often use on the ‘Service Requests’ page, and then select them from the list of saved searches to quickly find service requests that you need.

Nexpart punchout integration

We have added Nexpart (WHI Solutions) to the list of parts retailers from which you can order auto parts using punchout catalogs.

Turn on the ‘Paint Codes’ feature

You can enable the ‘Paint Codes’ feature on the ‘Add-ons’ page to let mobile app users select a paint code for a vehicle when they create or edit service requests, inspections, or work orders.

Select credit memo types

When you add a credit memo document to a part, you can select the credit memo type to specify whether it relates to part return, core return, or labor credit.

Note In the ‘Parts Documents’ view, the credit memo type is displayed in parentheses.

Showing core price in parts order

We have added the ‘Core Price’ column to the ‘Parts Order’ form which is automatically sent to generic parts providers after ordering the parts matched in the shopping cart.

Select the type of ‘Service Personnel Activity’ report

Instead of showing three separate ‘Service Personnel Activity’ reports on the ‘Reports’ page, you can now generate one report and specify whether you want to see details, summary, or both details and summary.

Note The values in the ‘Recon Hours’, ‘Total Hours’, and ‘Book Hours’ columns are displayed without rounding.

Filter the ‘Parts Inventory’ report by point in time

We have added the ‘Point in Time’ filter to the ‘Parts Inventory’ report so that you can see the parts in stock for a particular date or for the last day of a particular month.

Select generic or punchout part provider manually

If parts cannot be ordered from generic or punchout providers by clicking the ‘Get Quote’ button, you can select the appropriate provider for parts in the following statuses:

  • Pending

  • Open

  • Return To Vendor (RTV)

  • RTV Complete

Auto-calculating vendor invoice amount

We have added the ‘Auto-calculate vendor invoice amount’ setting to the ‘Basic Parts Management’ feature on the ‘Add-ons’ page so now you can specify whether the value in the ‘Amount’ field of the part document must be read-only and automatically calculated based on the vendor price of all parts associated with the vendor invoice.

Override the quote from the same part provider

If the shopping cart contains parts from a generic or punchout part provider, and you click the ‘Get New Quote’ button for the same provider, you will get a confirmation message that lets you cancel the existing quote and get a new quote.

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