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ReconPro Classic Back Office
ReconPro Classic Back Office

What’s New in ReconPro Classic Back Office version

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Group the ‘Services Revenues’ report data by service items and vehicle panels

We have added new options to the ‘Revenue By’ parameter in the Service Revenue report so now you can see service revenues grouped by:

  • Service

  • Service + Panel

  • Service Item

  • Service Item + Panel

  • Service Type

Include draft invoices to the ‘Service Advisor Sales’ report

We have added the ‘Include Draft Invoices’ option to the ‘Search’ pane of the ‘Service Advisor Sales’ report so that you can see a fuller picture of service advisor sales, including work orders attached to invoices in the ‘Draft’ status.

Note Users with the ‘Area Administrator’ role and the ‘Team Administrator’ role can now view the ‘Service Advisor Sales’ report.

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