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ReconPro mobile app 3.6.35

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.6.35 for Android and iOS devices

Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago

Add notes to question answers

You can add text and image notes to question answers. 

Note If a question allows multiple answers you can add notes to each selected answer. 

Showing vehicle info on the ‘Related Documents’ screen

We have added vehicle information to the top of the ‘Related Documents’ screen, so that you can instantly see which vehicle the documents are related to.

Using default template for inspection printing 

The default print template will be used for generating the inspection print preview if the new printing feature is not turned on for your Back Office application. 

Showing wholesale customer mode by default

When users log in to the mobile app for the first time, the ‘Wholesale’ customer mode is turned on by default. 

Support for service default technician on devices of other teams 

If a service is assigned to a default technician in the Back Office application, it will be automatically preselected in the mobile app when this service is added to work orders even if the device is registered for a team to which the default technician does not belong.

Showing question answers of service request print preview

You can now see question answers on the ‘View’ screen of service requests.  

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