ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.7

What’s New in ReconMonitor Back Office version 3.5.7

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Start and stop the clocks for repair order services and tasks

You can click the new options in the ‘Actions’ menu to start and stop the clocks for repair order services and tasks assigned to technicians.

Print repair order from the detail view

We have added the ‘Print’ button to the toolbar of the ‘Repair Order’ detail view, so now you can click it to display the print preview and print the repair order or save it as a PDF file.

Apply ‘Quote Received’ quick filter on the Parts Management page

We have added the ‘Quote Received’ quick filter to the ‘Parts Management’ page so that you can see how many parts are in the ‘Quote Received’ status and show them in one click.

Generate ‘Time Report’ for team time zone

When you generate the ‘Time Report’, the company time zone is selected by default, and now you can also select a team time zone. 

Changes in the Parts Ordering process

If the ‘Manual Approval’ setting is turned on for work order type, the following changes occur in the parts ordering process:

  • The ‘Approval Status’ column is displayed in the ‘Shopping Cart’ view

  • Parts in the ‘Pending’ status can be selected in the ‘Repair Order Part’ column of the ‘Shopping Cart’ view and their status is shown in the ‘Approval Status’ column

  • Pending parts are also shown in the ‘Generic Parts Provider’ view when users click the ‘Get New Quote’ button next to a generic part provider

  • If an approved part selected in the ‘Repair Order Part’ column, its status is shown in the ‘Approval Status’ column, ‘Subtotal’ and ‘Total’ change to ‘Approved Subtotal’ and ‘Approved Total’, and the ‘Save Parts’ button changes to ‘Save and Order Approved Parts’ 

Note If the status of a part changes back to ‘Open’, then its part number, vendor price, and core price are automatically reset. 

Autocomplete search for adding services

When adding services on the ‘Repair Orders’ and the ‘Parts Management’ pages, you can start typing the name of the service to quickly find and select it from a pre-populated list of services.

Changes in service approval logic for closed and reopened repair orders

We have made the following changes to service approval logic:

  • After closing a repair order, the status of all not completed services changes to 'Skipped' regardless of the ‘Approval Required’ setting in the work order type. 

  • After reopening a repair order, the status of services with the ‘Approval Required’ setting changes to 'Pending' instead of 'Active' if their status before repair order closing was not 'Approved', 'Declined', or 'Refused'.

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