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Generic Repair Bundle Service

We have added a new type of generic service that allows replacing multiple services of the same kind. Generic repair bundle service already includes items needed for conventional repairs, such as labor, labor fees, paint, paint fees, and part. You can select a catalog and you need to select a repair operation that indicates which bundle items are required.

Required Subscription: the ‘Generic Repair Bundle’ feature

Note If you want to use the generic repair bundle for price matrix services you need to select it in the ‘Price Matrix Settings’ on the ‘Company Info’ page. 

Group work order services by tags

We have added the ability to add tags to services...

...and group work order services by tags. 

Part categorization for question answer services of labor type

When you assign labor services to question answers, you can specify part category, subcategory, and name. 

Email options for Statement Report

We have added ‘Email Options’ to the ‘Statement Report’ so that you can define whether the report must be sent from a company email address, an area email address, or a custom email address. 

Turn on ‘Certification’ setting for work order types

We have added the ‘Certification’ setting to work order types so that you can specify whether work orders of a specific type require vehicle certification and whether the certification process should be automatic or manual.

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