ReconPro Mobile App 2.12.7

What's new in ReconPro Mobile App version 2.12.7 for iOS devices

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Multi-select mode for team work orders

Now you can use the Multiple Selection mode on the Team Work Orders screen to approve multiple work orders and print wheel labels for multiple work orders.

To select multiple team work orders

  • On the Team Work Orders screen, tap Multi-Select, then tap the work orders that you want to select, and tap Multi-Select again. 

To print wheel labels for multiple work orders

  • Tap Print Wheel Labels, and then tap the appropriate printer option. 

To approve multiple work orders

  • Tap Approve, and then tap Yes. 

Note The Multiple Approval option has been removed from the Team Work Orders section on the Setting screen because this option is not needed any more.

Showing and searching Stock# in service requests list

Now if a service request has a stock number, it is shown on the Service Requests screen, and you can also search service requests by their stock number.

To search service requests by their Stock# 

  • On the Service Requests screen, tap , and then tap the Search box. 

  • Type the stock number or its part in the Search box, and then tap Save.

Changes in checking VIN duplicates

We have removed the VIN section with the Check duplicates option from the Settings screen, and added the Check VIN duplicates to the Inspections section, so now you can turn on checking VIN duplicates for inspections only on device...

...while checking VIN duplicates for work orders can be turned on for particular work order types in the Back Office application only.

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