ReconPro mobile app 3.5.9

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.5.9 for Android and iOS devices

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‘Add Service’ quick action

Managers can tap the ‘Add Service’ quick action to find the appropriate repair order and add a service to it.

‘My Completed Work’ quick action

You can tap the ‘My Completed Work’ quick action to see the list of repair orders that you completed.

Support for ‘Invoice from device’ setting

You can define whether invoices can be created in the mobile app by turning on or off the ‘Invoice From Device’ setting for work order types in the Back Office.

Add multiple image question answers 

You can add more than one picture when answering image questions. 

Resolve problem before completing repair order service

Now when you try to complete a repair order service with a problem, first you need to resolve the problem.

Delete the last service from repair orders

You can now delete all services from repair orders, even the last one. 

Note If the Draft mode is turned on for the work order type, then the work order returns to the Draft status, if the Draft mode is turned off for the work order type, then the work order returns to either New or Approved status depending on the Approval settings. 

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