ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.3

What’s New in ReconMonitor Back Office version 3.5.3

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Punchout Catalog for Parts Ordering

With a punchout, you open the supplier’s website directly from ReconMonitor and search the supplier's online catalog to select items. When you go to check out, you’re brought back to ReconMonitor with the items you chose. You can then submit a requisition, using the items, costs, and details from the supplier’s website.

Parts with core charges

Core parts are parts that can be recycled or remanufactured for future sale, so the price of such parts includes a core price that is used as a deposit: when you return the old part to the vendor, the vendor pays you the core price back. Now you can specify core price, update core status, and find parts with core price in a specific core status on the Parts Management page. 

Parts with labor credits

When you receive a malfunctioned part from the vendor, you may spend some labor time before it turns out that the ordered part doesn’t work correctly, so you need to have the vendor pay incurred labor costs. Now you can specify labor credit amount and find parts with labor credit on the Parts Management page. 

Part Documents

We have added the ability to attach files to repair order parts so now you can add related documents such as supplier’s invoices, part credit memos, labor credit memos, etc.

Part Conditions

We have added the ‘Condition’ field to the Part Details view on the Parts Management page so now you can select one of the following part conditions: New, Used, Remanufactured, or Reconditioned. 

Start repair orders

You can start repair orders from the Repair Order detail view... 

Reopen repair orders

You can reopen closed repair orders if you need to make any changes.

...or from the Repair Orders page.

Search for repair order parts by RO#

You can now search for repair orders on the Parts Management page by entering RO number in the Search box.

Search for parts in closed repair orders

We have added the ‘Repair Status’ filter option to the Advanced Search on the Parts Management page so now you can search for parts in repair orders with different statuses, including closed repair orders. 

Make changes to parts in closed repair orders

You can edit some part details, such as Status, Core Price, Core Status, Labor Credit, Documents even if the repair order is closed.

Resetting the price of refused parts to zero

When the status of the part on the Parts Management page is changed to ‘Refused’ the price of the part is automatically reset to zero and the repair order amount is updated accordingly.  

Resolve service problems before closing repair orders

When you close a repair order with problem services, you need to resolve the problems first. 

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