ReconPro Mobile App 2.12.9

What's new in ReconPro Mobile App version 2.12.9 for iOS devices

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Inspection Supplements

Inspection supplements are important changes (such as adding services, removing services, changing service price) that can be reported and approved.

Work Orders Printing

Now you can print one work order or multiple work orders from device.

Work Order Draft Mode

We have added the Draft Mode setting to work order types... now when you save a work order of a type with draft mode, you can save it either as draft or as final. 

Assigning technician to phase services of monitored work orders

Now you can assign a technician to multiple services within a phase of monitored work order.

Showing Advisor Name, Advisor Phone#, and Tag on service requests Calendar screen

We have added the following information to the Calendar screen of service request:

  • Advisor name 

  • Advisor phone number

  • Tag (license plate)

Note The size of calendar items now changes dynamically based on information shown for each particular calendar item.

Saving last selected filter for service requests

When you start using the application, the Team Service Requests filter is set by default...

...however, each time you save another filter...

...this last selected filter is automatically set as default.

New filter for service requests: Open RO with Active Service Assigned to Me

We have added a new named filter that shows service requests which have monitored work orders with at least one active service assigned to logged-in technician.

New filter for team work orders: Active Phase Assigned to Me

We have added a new named filter that shows team work orders which have an active phase with at least one service assigned to logged-in technician.

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