ReconPro mobile app 3.5.7

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.5.7 for Android and iOS devices

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Repair Order Tasks

You can add tasks to repair order phases, assign them to technicians, and leave comments if needed.

Start, stop, and complete multiple repair order services

You can select as many repair order services as you want, and then start, stop, or complete them all at once. 

Filter repair orders by a specific time period

You can search for repair orders by a predefined time period, such as ‘Today‘, ‘Month to Date’, ‘Last 90 Days’, or by a custom time period with a particular start and finish date.

Manage all repair order notes from a single screen 

You can see and add all kinds of notes in one place: repair order notes and pictures, phase notes, and service notes.

"My Work In Progress" quick action and saved search

We have added “My WIP List” quick action and saved search to let technicians easily find vehicles where they have work in progress. 

‘Work Queue’ quick action has been improved

Now, when you tap ‘Work Queue’ quick action on the Home screen, ‘My Work Queue’ saved search is automatically applied. Also, when you tap a repair order in your work queue, the Actions screen is skipped and you can start editing it right away. 

Improved notes in repair order services 

You can now see the list of notes added to a repair order service, as well as who added these notes and when.

Resolve service problems before completing repair order phases

Now when you try to complete a repair order phase with problem services, you will see the list of services with problems that you need to resolve prior to completing the phase. 

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