ReconPro Mobile App 2.19.1 for iOS

What's new in ReconPro Mobile App version 2.19.1 for iOS devices

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Check for duplicate retail customers

We have added the ‘Check Retail Duplicates’ option to the Customers section on the Settings screen so now you can turn on checking for retail customers with the same phone number to prevent creating duplicate customer accounts. 

Skip required editing of service instances

We have added the ‘Edit Service Instances’ setting that defines whether multiple service instances can be automatically added to inspections and work orders without required editing. 

For example, if the setting is turned on, and you select multiple vehicle parts for a service with a required question, you will have to answer this question for each service instance one by one, while if the setting is turned off, all service instances will be added “silently” without required answers so that you could answer the question later, before saving the inspection or work order. 

Service clarification became more user-friendly

You can now use the first field on the Service Details screen for various purposes, such as: 

  • Clarification of generic services

  • Selecting vehicle parts or parts

  • Getting labor times for panels and parts

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