ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.2

What’s New in ReconMonitor Back Office version 3.5.2

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Add tasks to repair orders

You can now add tasks to repair order phases and assign technicians to these tasks.

Delete saved searches

You can now delete a saved search from the Repair Orders page if you don’t need it anymore. 

View all repair order notes together

You can now see repair order notes, service notes, and image notes in the same view, as well as add repair order notes and service notes there. 

Set effective date and price for client services

You can specify an effective date and price for a client service if you want to put this price into effect on a certain date.

Note You can set the effective price only after selecting the effective date. 

Showing counters for pinned searches

You can now see how many repair orders will be shown for each of your pinned saved searches. 

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