ReconPro Mobile App 2.18.9 for iOS

What's new in ReconPro Mobile App version 2.18.9 for iOS devices

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Specify the vehicle’s arbitration date

We have added the 'Arbitration Date' field to the Vehicle screen of service requests, inspections, and work orders, so now you can specify the date until which the vehicle must be inspected and returned to the seller if you find any problems.

Note The ‘Arbitration Date’ field is not shown by default. You need to set it as ‘visible’ in the ‘Vehicle Info’ settings of the appropriate service request types, inspection types, and work order types.

Attach work orders to draft invoices regardless of sharing type

You can use the 'My/Team' switch to attach work orders of any sharing type to draft invoices of any sharing type. 

Prevent editing monitored work orders in particular phases

If the ‘Read Only WO’ option is turned on for a repair location phase in the Back Office application, you cannot edit monitored work orders in this phase.


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