ReconPro mobile app 3.5.5

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.5.5 for Android and iOS devices

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SMS-based Device Registration

You can activate the mobile app on your device by entering the registration code that you automatically get as a text message after adding a new device in the Back Office application. 

Work order service approval

We have added the Approval Required setting and the Line Approval setting to work order types so now you can define whether work order services must be approved before starting the work. 

Note Not approved services have the Pending status and they are shown with a gray background.

Showing repair order phases and services in a single list

You can now expand repair order phases to see their services on the same screen. 

Note If you’d like to turn on showing repair order phases and services in a single list please contact our customer support.

Auto-hiding completed and skipped services

Completed and skipped services can be automatically hidden from the screen so that you can focus on work that you need to do.

When you turn the Focus Mode on, you will not see completed and skipped services.

Note If repair order phases and services are shown in a single list, completed and skipped phases will be collapsed.

When you turn the Focus Mode off, you will see all the services.

Showing quick actions on the Home screen

Available quick actions are displayed as separate menu items on the Home screen.

The order of menu items can be configured in the Back Office application.

Specify vehicle arbitration date

We have added the Arbitration Date field to the Vehicle Info screen of service requests, inspections, and work orders, so now you can specify the date until which vehicles must be inspected and returned to the seller if any problems are found.

Manage services of repair order based on employee role

You can add, edit, and delete services in repair orders in the mobile app depending on your employee role settings specified on the Monitor Settings page in the Back Office application.

For example, if ‘adding services’ is turned off for device users with the Employee role, these users will not be able to add services to repair orders. 


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