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Adding approved inspection services to repair orders
Adding approved inspection services to repair orders
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Approved services can be automatically added to an open repair order (monitored work order) created from service request. 

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: ReconMonitor

To turn on automatic adding approved inspection services to open repair orders

  • On the Company tab, click Inspection Types, and then click Edit next to the appropriate inspection type.

  • In the Inspection Type dialog box, click Append to Opened Monitored WO in the Order Creation Mode box.

So if a service request has an open repair order with a service...

...and an inspection is created from this service request, then approved services from this inspection will be automatically added to this repair order.

Tip If you select the ‘Use SR Auto Create Order Type’ checkbox in the inspection type (note that 'Auto Create Work Order' setting becomes read-only)...

...the system will automatically add the inspection services to a work order which type is selected in the 'Auto Create Order Type' setting of the appropriate service request type.

Important! If the repair order is invoiced, inspection services will be added only if the invoice is in the 'Draft' or 'Void' status.

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