You can set priority for your clients and select color for priority levels so that monitored team work orders in the mobile app can be highlighted according to these settings.

Required Subscription: ReconMonitor

To set a priority for a client

  • On the Company tab, click Clients, and then on the Clients page, click Edit next to the appropriate client. 

  • In the Client dialog box, on the Other tab, select the priority that you want. 

Note The Normal priority is set for clients by default. 

Tip You can see the priority of clients in the “!” column on the Clients page.

To select priority color 

  • On the Monitor tab, click Monitor Settings, and then in the Priorities section, select the appropriate color for each priority level. 

Now when you open the Team Work Orders screen in the mobile app, you will see that the background of work orders is highlighted with the appropriate color based on client’s priority. 

Important! After changing the client’s priority, the new work orders will be highlighted with the color of the new priority, while existing work orders will remain highlighted with the color of the previous priority.  

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