ReconPro mobile app 3.5.2

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.5.2 for Android and iOS devices

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Generic Services

A generic service is a service that can replace multiple services of the same kind, for example, instead of creating such services as “R&I Bumper”, “R&I Wheel”, “R&I Hood”, etc., you can create just one generic service “R&I” and then clarify the name when adding this service to inspections and work orders in the mobile app.

Start and stop the clock for phases or services

After you start a phase or a service and work for a while, you can tap the Stop button when you finish your part of work or when you need to take a break. The time period between starting and stopping a phase or service is recorded for further time tracking and reporting.

Note Multiple technicians can start and stop the same phase or service at any time and independently of each other until one of them actually completes it. 

View and add repair order notes

You can now see the list of notes added to a repair order and add new notes to this repair order.

Add notes to services in repair order phases

You can add text and image notes to services included in repair order phases. 

Partial phase enforcement

We have added support for partial phase enforcement which means that phase enforcement can be turned on or off for particular phases in repair location to define that some phases must be done in a certain order, while others can be done in any order.

Access to repair orders from work order list

Now you can track the completion of monitored work orders without searching for them on the Repair Orders screen. We have added the Monitor icon to the list of team work orders so that you can instantly see which of them are monitored. When you tap a monitored work order, you can tap the Monitor button to access the appropriate repair order. 

Starting and completing phases and services made easier

There is no more need to tap the Change Status button to start or complete a phase or a service. Now you can tap the appropriate phase or service and then tap either Start or Complete. 

Multiple email addresses per customer

You can enter multiple email addresses separated by the comma, semicolon, or tab separator “\t” in the Email field of a customer, and these email addresses will be automatically selected when you email inspections or invoices to this customer.

Select a part for conventional repair

When you use conventional repair pricing information for a price matrix panel you can specify a particular part for the part service included in the conventional repair bundle.

Note You can select only one service part per panel.

Showing MOTOR labor time and OEM# based on the part position

When you select a part and position for a part service or a labor service assigned to the MOTOR data source, the OEM# or MOTOR labor times will be shown for selected position only. 

Generating question services as Parts & Labor bundle

If a question answer is assigned to one part service and some labor services, these question services will be generated as a Parts & Labor bundle, i.e. all labor services will be associated with the part service.

Showing bundle service items in repair order phases

When you add a bundle service to monitored work orders, you can monitor bundle service items in the appropriate repair orders. 

Showing in-progress repair orders by default

When you tap Monitor on the Home screen, the “In Progress - All” filter is applied by default on the Repair Orders screen to show all repair orders which repair status is “In Progress”. 

Distinguishing between repair order phase and services

We have highlighted the phase name with the Bold font style and added the Phase label so that the phase doesn’t look very similar to its services. 

Showing only High and Low priority icons for repair orders

We have removed the Normal priority icon from the Repair Orders screen so now you can see only the High priority icon and the Low priority icon to make the prioritization easier and avoid any confusion.

Showing currency based on the region settings of devices

The currency used throughout the mobile app now depends on the Region settings selected on your mobile device.

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