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ReconMonitor Back Office 3.4.6

What’s New in ReconMonitor Back Office version 3.4.6

Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago

Use dashboard counters to filter repair order parts

You can now click one or multiple dashboard counters on the Parts Management page to apply filters that show repair orders with parts in the appropriate status. 

Note Dashboard filters cancel search settings, and vice versa, search settings clear dashboard filters. 

Better layout for part details

Part information on the Parts Management page is now grouped together in two columns (instead of one long row) to make all part details visible and prevent key items from scrolling off-screen. 

Showing available part statuses only

When you click the check box to select multiple parts, the list of available statuses depends on the status of parts included in the given repair order. 

Note Status of parts from bundle services is not shown in the list because you cannot select such parts. 

Filter repair orders by phase status

We have added the Phase Status filter setting to the Advanced Search option on the Repair Orders page, so now you can search for repair orders by phase in a particular status. 

  • Current means a current active phase of a repair order

  • Active means any phase in the Active status

  • Not Completed means a phase in any status except for the Skipped status and the Completed status

  • Completed means a phase in the Skipped status or the Completed status.

Showing the current phase of repair orders

We have renamed the Active Phase label to the Current Phase label on the Repair Orders page and Repair Order details view. 

Searching repair orders by active phase

When you use a quick filter by phase, you can see only repair orders in which this phase is an active phase.

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