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Select a labor type for labor services
Select a labor type for labor services
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You can select a labor type when adding or editing labor services, so that their labor rates can be adjusted accordingly.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Feature: Labor Services

    • CommissionHourlyRate - to show Labor Time Box in Old Back office

To select a labor type for a service

  • On the Company tab, click Services, and then on the Active - Labor tab, click Add on the toolbar or Edit next to the appropriate service.

  • In the Service dialog box, click the appropriate type in the Labor Type box, if needed, enter or change other settings, and then click Save

Note The Wholesale Labor Rates and the Retail Labor Rate will be updated based on selected labor type.

To configure labor types

  • On the Company tab, click Company Info, and then on the Company Settings tab, in the Labor Rates section, click the Configure link. 

  • On the Labor Rates Pricing page, enter wholesale and retail rates next to the appropriate labor types, and then click Save

Note Labor types without rates are not shown in the list of labor types in the Service dialog box. 

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