ReconPro mobile app 3.4.9

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.4.9 for Android and iOS devices

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Add contacts to wholesale customers

When you provide services to wholesale customers you need to deal with multiple people such as managers, accountants, etc. Now you can add multiple contacts to a wholesale customer if a single point of contact is not enough.

Tip Learn how to add and edit customer contacts

Set up access to service price

By default, mobile app users can see and change the price of services added to inspections and work orders, but if needed, you can make service price read-only or even hide service price from mobile app users. 

Tip Learn how to set up access to service price in inspection types and work order types.

Allow or prevent changing invoice date

You can turn on or turn off the Allow Edit Date option in invoice types to allow or deny changing invoice date in the mobile app.

Choose invoice date mode

You can define whether the invoice date can be set manually when you create an invoice or automatically when you save it as final.

Change invoice customer

You can let mobile app users select other customers for existing invoices.

Answer questions in work orders services

You can assign a service to a question section in the Back Office application, and then answer questions from this section in the mobile app when adding this service to a work order.

Specify service expenses

If some services imply internal costs you can assign these expenses to services in the Back Office application to see and edit service expenses in the mobile app. 

Select inspection print templates

You can assign multiple print templates to an inspection type so that when you view an inspection of this type you can select a particular print template from which the inspection printout will be generated.

Technician auto-assignment to started phases or services

You can turn on the Auto-Assign Tech from Start phase setting in the Back Office application so that when a technician starts a phase or service in the mobile app, this technician will be automatically assigned to this phase or service.

Showing VIN validation message

When you tap the VIN field on the Vehicle Info screen or enter an invalid VIN you will see the appropriate messages that explain how to enter a correct VIN. 

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