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You can view and download pictures and videos included in invoices.

Important! Media files are stored for 6 months only and automatically removed afterwards.

  • On the Invoices page, in the Media column, click the Media icon for the appropriate invoice.

To view images 

  • Click the image preview.

  • Use buttons on the toolbar to rotate and resize the image, or view other images. 

To download an image

  • Point to the appropriate image and then click Download

To download one or multiple images 

  • Select the check box above to the appropriate images, and then click the Download button. 

To download all images

  • Select the Select All check box, and then click the Download button.

To see image notes

  • Point to the appropriate image, and then click Notes

To see image tags

  • Point to the appropriate image, and then click Tags

You can also view and download images of work orders included in the invoice and inspections from which work orders were created. 

If the invoice has any video notes, you will see the video preview below images. 

Video player lets play and pause the video, increase and decrease volume, and turn on the fullscreen mode. 

To download video 

  • Clicking the appropriate button in the video player (depends on your browser) or right-click the video preview, and then click Save Video As.

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