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Showing mileage in the Duplicates by VIN report

We have added the Mileage column to the Duplicates by VIN report so now you can see this information both in the report and the export output files, such as Excel and CSV. 

Using client’s area instead of team’s area in reports

When you use the Area filter in the following reports, the report data is filtered by client’s area (not by team’s area as it was before):

  • Client Revenues

  • Employee Invoices

  • Quality Audit

  • Tech Invoice Activity

  • Technician Wheel Activity

  • Invoices By Employees with Expenses

  • Emailed Invoices

  • Missing PO / Draft Invoices

  • Invoices with missing Signature

  • Labor Hours By Employee

  • Main Dashboard

  • Master Log Flow Sheet

  • WO Production by Services Report

  • Emails Activity Report

  • Services Revenues

  • Active Recalls

  • Wheels Weekly Report

Submitting support requests via chat

Now when you click the Support button to submit a ticket, you can do this directly in the chat by starting a new conversation.

Configure showing No Damage vehicle parts on printouts

We have added the Do Not Show “No Damage” Vehicle Parts option to the Vehicle section of inspection and work order print template configurations, so now you can define whether information about not damaged price matrix panels should be displayed.

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