ReconPro mobile app 2.17.8 for iOS

What's new in ReconPro mobile app version 2.17.8 for iOS devices

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Send the Lot Walk approval link to additional recipients

You can now send the Lot Walk approval link not only to customer’s email address but also to any other email addresses that you specify. 

Note If you are interested in this option, please contact our customer support department. 

Copying question answer notes to question answer services   

When you add notes to a question answer with assigned services, these notes can be copied to services that are automatically added to an inspection or work order when this answer is selected.

No editing of ‘On Hold’ work orders

You cannot edit monitored work orders in the On Hold status. If you tap an action to edit or monitor an on-hold work order, add notes, change customer, assign technician, etc., you will see the appropriate message.

Note When you tap the Edit action or the Monitor action, you can still view the work order in the read-only mode.

Showing part info in linked labor services

When you add a ‘parts & labor’ bundle to an inspection or work order, the part subcategory, name, and position are displayed in labor services linked to the part service. 

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