Turn on timesheet confirmation
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You can configure sending email and SMS messages to technicians so that they can click the link in the message and confirm or reject a timesheet created and approved by management. 

Required Subscriptions

  • Feature: Timesheet Tech Confirmation

To turn on the timesheet confirmation 

  • On the Company tab, click Timesheet Types, and then click Edit next to the appropriate type. 

  • In the Timesheet Type dialog box, select the Tech Confirmation Required check box, and click OK

Tip Make sure that your team is assigned to the appropriate timesheet type.... 

... and each of your employees has a valid email address and phone number in the profile. 

Let’s see how it works: 

When a manager creates and approves a timesheet record for technicians… 

...they get the appropriate email and SMS messages with a link that they can click... 

...and confirm the timesheet....

...or specify the reason why they reject the timesheet.

Important! If technicians reject the timesheet record, the manager can make the appropriate changes in it, so that the new timesheet confirmation message can be automatically sent to technicians. 

Note If technicians neither confirm nor reject the timesheet record, it remains on the page with other timesheet records that are pending to be confirmed. 

Tip Managers can click the Audit link on the Timesheets page to check whether timesheet confirmation messages have been sent and confirmed by technicians. 

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