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Get timesheet confirmation from technicians

You can configure sending email or SMS messages to technicians so that they can click the link in the message and confirm or reject a timesheet created and approved by management. 

Required Subscriptions

  • Feature: Timesheet Tech Confirmation

Search for not paid invoices

We have added the Not Paid option to the Billing filter in the Search pane on the Invoices page so now you can find invoices that have not been paid yet.

Repair location inactivation made easier

Now when you inactivate a repair location you don’t need to close repair orders and reassign teams and clients manually. All of this will be done automatically within 24 hours after you confirm that you want to inactivate the repair location.

Warning alert for service requests has been improved

We have changed the color of the warning alert icon and the background color of warning alert message.

Enhancement in the total amount of a lot walk inspection

You can see total inspection amount instead of the approved amount when you approve a Lot Walk inspection which type does not allow line approval. 

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