ReconPro mobile app 3.4.7

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.4.7 for Android and iOS devices

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Add bundle services to inspections

You can now add bundle services to inspections the same way as you do it for work orders. When you tap a bundle service on the Services screen, you can select services included to the bundle, and change their price or quantity, if needed.

Search for parts by name rather than browsing through categories and subcategories

When you add a part service to an inspection or a work order, you can search for parts by name instead of browsing through categories and subcategories.

Additional repair modes for price matrix panels

We have added two additional repair modes that you can select for price matrix panels:

  • Other mode means any repair type which is not PDR.

  • No Damage mode means that no repair is needed. 

Note The PDR mode is selected by default.

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