Repair360 mobile app 3.4.6

What’s new in Repair360 mobile app version 3.4.6 for Android and iOS devices

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Auto-selecting required client services

If a client service is marked as required in the Back Office application, this service is automatically added to inspections or work orders created for this client in the mobile app.

Enhancement for the Vehicle view in price matrix services

You can now change the default car type denoted by VIN in the Vehicle view of a price matrix service.

Prompting users to save changes in price matrix panel details

When you make any changes to the price matrix panel in the Vehicle view and then tap Back, you are prompted to save the changes. 

Showing part categorization for selected part services

After adding a part service to an inspection or a work order, you can see its subcategory, part name, and position below the part service name in the list of selected services.


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