Repair360 Back Office 3.4.25

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 3.4.25

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Client-specific pricing

You can set client-specific price for services so that when you add these services to an inspection or a work order, their price is automatically adjusted based on the selected customer.

Note If a client service is set as required, this service is automatically added to inspections or work orders created for this client.

Country-based currency

The currency used throughout the Back office application now depends on the country selected on the Company Info page. 

Main menu improvements

We have gathered all the additional features on a single page Add-ons, so now you don’t need to open different pages from the main menu to turn on the features that you want.

Help-related improvements

Support buttons on the Home page now open the new Help Center with the most up-to-date and relevant help articles.

If the Inspections page or the Invoices page is empty, you can now see a link to the help article about creating inspections or invoices. 

First login improvements

We have redesigned the pages that users see when they log in to their Back Office for the first time to make the registration process more intuitive.

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