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Repair360 mobile app 3.4.5

What’s new in Repair360 mobile app version 3.4.5 for Android and iOS devices

Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago

Mark inspection services as pre-existing damages

We have added the Pre-existing Damage toggle switch to the details screen of money, percentage, and labor services, so now you can specify whether a service relates to a pre-existing damage. 

Note Inspection services marked as pre-existing damages will not be copied to work orders when you create a work order from an inspection. If an inspection requires service-by-service approval, services marked as pre-existing damages have the Declined status by default, but if needed, you can change the status. 

Enhancements for linked part services and labor services

When you tap the Part Services button in labor service details, you can now see, edit, and delete a linked part service on the Part Services screen. 

The same way when you tap the Labor Services button in part service details, you can see, edit, and delete linked labor services on the labor Services screen.

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