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ReconPro mobile app 2.17.62 for iOS
ReconPro mobile app 2.17.62 for iOS

What's new in ReconPro mobile app version 2.17.62 for iOS devices

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Conventional Repair

We have added the Conventional Repair (CR) option to price matrix panels so now you can use conventional repair pricing information if paintless dent repair is less appropriate. 

Required Subscription: Conventional Repair Pricing

Note We have also added the No Damage option that you can select if no repair is needed. 

Vehicle view for the Services screen

If services on the Services screen of inspections or work orders are grouped by panel, you can tap the Vehicle icon in the lower-right corner of the screen and then tap the appropriate panel in the Vehicle view to access the list of services available for this panel.  

Auto-selecting required client services

If a client service is marked as required in a service package, this service is automatically added to inspections or work orders created for this client if their type is assigned to this service package.

Saving work orders with duplicate VIN

We have added the following options to the Duplicate VIN message:

  • If you tap Edit, you can make the necessary changes to the work order, and then try to save it again.

  • If you tap Override, you can enter your password and save the work order with duplicate VIN, or you can ask your manager to do so if your employee account is not assigned to the Manager role.

  • If you tap Cancel, the work order will not be saved.

Showing part categorization for selected part services

Now when you select and categorize a part service, you can see its subcategory, part name, and position below the part service name. 


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