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ReconPro mobile app 2.17.51 for iOS
ReconPro mobile app 2.17.51 for iOS

What's new in ReconPro mobile app version 2.17.51 for iOS devices

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Select MOTOR labor times

You can select MOTOR labor times for labor services added to inspections and work orders if these services use labor times from the MOTOR Estimated Work Times data source.

Required Subscription: MOTOR Integration

Note Before you tap the Time field, please make sure that you have specified a service part, and entered the VIN or vehicle’s Make, Model, and Year on the Vehicle screen.

Assign vendor technicians to monitored work order phases

You can now assign a technician from another team to a phase on the Order Monitor screen.

Note The list of available teams is shown only if the phase contains services assigned to technicians from other teams or vendor services assigned to vendor teams.

Search functionality has been improved

You can now search for service requests, team inspections, team work orders, and team invoices by tapping the Search button on the keyboard.

Note If no vehicle has been found, the appropriate message appears.

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