ReconPro mobile app 2.17.5 for iOS

What's new in ReconPro mobile app version 2.17.5 for iOS devices

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Bundle services in inspections

You can now add bundle services to inspections the same way as you do it for work orders. When you tap a bundle service on the Services screen, the Bundle screen with included services appears so that you can select the appropriate bundle items and change their price or quantity, if needed.

Showing PO# in the list of team invoices

You can now see PO numbers (if there are any) on the Team Invoices screen, the same way as on the My Invoices screen. 

Note If an invoice is created from one work order with a PO#, then the PO# of the work order is shown, but if the work order doesn’t have a PO#, then PO# of the invoice is shown. If an invoice is created from multiple work orders, then PO# of the invoice is shown.

Selecting vehicle parts for money and labor services only

You can select vehicle parts only for services with the Money price type, and also for services with the Labor price type if labor times from the Basic Average Data source are used.

PDR tab on the Vehicle Part screen of price matrix services

We have redesigned the Vehicle Part screen of price matrix services. Now, instead of the PDR toggle, you can see the PDR tab at the bottom of the screen. 

Note The PDR tab is selected by default, so if repair type is not PDR, you can tap the Other tab. 

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