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ReconPro Back Office (November 13, 2018)
ReconPro Back Office (November 13, 2018)

What's new in ReconPro Back Office application updated on November 13, 2018

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Work Order Production Report by Vehicle Parts

We have added a new report “Work Order Production Report by Vehicle Parts” that allows monitoring the accuracy of service packages pricing to the actual services performed. You can filter report data by a particular service package, service, and vehicle part.

Calculating technician commissions from work orders

Technician commissions can now be calculated not only from invoices, but from not invoiced work orders as well. For example, if you do not create invoices for some of your services, you may still need to pay commissions to your technicians for performing these services. You can see commissions calculated from work orders in the “Technician Commissions (New)” report, if the Do not create invoices check box is selected for the appropriate work order type. 

Edit part services in Inspection Editor

Now when you edit an inspection in your Back Office application, you can change amount and quantity of inspection services with the Parts price type.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: Inspections Editing

Enhancements in inspection print template

We have added the following printout options to inspection print template configuration:

  • Show Vehicle Header option displays the Vehicle Info header above the vehicle information section.

Tip You can click the Edit Labels link and change the text in the header.

  • Comma Style For Prices option uses a comma as thousands separator for inspection amounts. 

  • Price X Quantity For Matrix Items option shows the quantity and price of items included to price matrix service in a specific format. 

Showing subtotal amount in the Grouped Totals section of invoice printout

We have added a new printout option Show “Subtotal” in Grouped Totals that displays subtotal amount above the total amount (and tax, if any). 

Note If the Print Invoice With And Without Discount check box is selected, the subtotal amount is shown only on the first invoice copy that includes discount. 

Group data in Work Order Package by Panel report

We have added the Group By box to the Search pane in the Work Order Package by Panel report, so now you can select the Vehicle Part option to show each panel in a single line, or the Service Item option to list all of the panels in a single line. 

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: Work Order package by panel Report

Notify technicians of reassigned repair order services

We have added a new event Service Change Employee to the ReconMonitor Events category, so now you can create an alert that notifies technicians when a repair order service has been reassigned. 

Note When you create a message template, you need to select the Service Tech(RM) check box in the To section, so that the alert can automatically send an email, text, or push notification to the newly assigned technician.

Showing work orders attached to final and draft invoices

We have added the Final Invoiced option and the Draft Invoiced option to the Invoiced box in the Search pane of the Work Orders by Employee report, so now you can see work orders attached to final or draft invoices. 

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