You can assign services to phases, so that when you add services to a work order, these services are automatically allocated among phases when you monitor repair order.

  • On the Monitor tab, click Repair Locations, and then on the Repair Locations page, click the Services link in the Services column next to the appropriate repair location. 

  • On the Phase Services page, make sure that the appropriate location is selected in the Location box. 

  • In the WO Type box, click the work order type that includes services that you want to assign.

  • In the Phase box, click the phase to which you want to assign services.

  • Select the check box next to each service that you want to assign, and then click Assign to selected services.

Tip You can also select assign a service to a phase by selecting the phase that you want in the Phases column next to the appropriate service.

Important! Services that are not assigned to the phases of selected location are highlighted with red color.

Note If work order type includes bundle services, bundle service items are shown separately.

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