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Specify phase settings when you create or edit a phase

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In the Phase dialog box you can enter the following settings:

  • Phase Name

  • Description

  • Type is used to relate the phase to a repair order status, so that you can search repair orders by particular phase types (with the help of the Repair Status filter on the Repair Orders page).

  • Pre-repair means that the vehicle is getting ready for repair, for example, washing it before painting.

  • In Progress means that the vehicle is in the process of being repaired.

  • On Hold means that repair process is paused, for example, while waiting for delivery of vehicle parts.

  • QC means that quality of the repair order works is being checked. This type is used for the default QC phase.

  • Completed means that the repair order is completed. This type is used for the default Completed phase.

  • Due Bill means that repair order is waiting for payment.

  • Check-Out determines whether vehicles in the given phase can be checked-out (taken by technician or team for repair) and checked-in (returned by technician or team after repair).

  • Required means that you must Check-Out the vehicle to start repairing it in this phase and then Check-In the vehicle when you finish repairing it.

  • Optional means that you can either use the Check-Out/Check-In option or not when you start and finish repairing the vehicle in this phase.

  • N/A means that the Check-Out/Check-In option is not available for this phase.   

  • Autocomplete Inspection automatically completes a repair order phase when a linked inspection of a particular type is created and approved. The start date & time and the completion date & time of the phase are populated automatically based on inspection creation date & time and approval date & time respectively. If the Autocomplete Inspection check box is selected, the Check-Out option and the Start Service Required check box are disabled.

  • Do Not Track Individual Service Statuses indicates whether you can or cannot change status of phase services. If you select the check box, you will be able to change the status of the whole phase only, while phase services status will be changed automatically.

  • Start Service Required defines whether you must manually start services in the given phase. If you select this check box, appears the Allow Start Date Reset check box that defines whether you will be able to reset service start.

  • QC Required defines whether the repair order must move through the default QC phase.

  • Acceptance Required lets accept phases of repair orders. If the Acceptance Required check box is not selected, phases are accepted automatically.

  • Phase Enforcement defines whether the given phase must be done in a certain order or in any order (Learn more about partial phase enforcement)

  • Department is used to assign a particular department to the given phase.

  • Approx. Transition Time is entered in hours and used to calculate approximate date and time when the vehicle will be delivered to another team, department, or workshop for the next phase.

  • Approx. Repair Time is entered in hours and used to calculate approximate date and time when repair works of the given phase will be finished. You can see it in the Target Time column of the repair order Audit Log.

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