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ReconMonitor Back Office 3.4.01

What’s New in ReconMonitor Back Office version 3.4.01

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We are excited to announce that the new Recon Monitor is now available.  

Parts Management

With the Parts Management feature you can view, search, add, edit, copy, and delete parts added to repair orders.

To manage parts

  • Click Menu, click Operations, and then click Parts Management

The Parts Management page includes the following sections:

  • Dashboard shows how many parts are past due, in progress, and completed. 

  • Repair Order List shows repair orders to which at least one part has been added. 

  • Part List shows parts added to selected repair order and allows editing part details. 

Edit repair order Stock#, RO#, and PO#

You can edit Stock number, RO number, and PO number in the Stock# / RO# / PO# / Invoice column on the Repair Orders page.

You can also edit Stock number, RO number, and PO number in repair order detail view.

Complete repair order phases

You can now set repair order phases as completed even if you cannot change the status of repair order phases manually. 

Change technician assigned to repair order phase

You can reassign repair order phase to another technician so there is no need to change technician for each service within a phase.

Note Phase services assigned to different technicians will be automatically assigned to newly selected technician.

Add notes to repair order parts

You can add text notes to repair order parts if some additional specification, description, or comments are needed.

  • On the Repair Order detail view, in the Parts section, click the icon in the Notes column next to the appropriate part, click Notes, and then enter notes in the dialog box, and click Add.

Note You can add notes many times (new notes do not replace existing notes) but you can enter not more than 512 characters in total.

Showing parts separately from other repair order services

Parts services are now displayed in a separate list below other services in repair order detail view.

Note The list of parts has a different set of columns, such as Work Description, Part#, Hours, Part Price, Ordered From, Ordered Date, RCVD (Received).

Showing customer’s repair orders per department or phase

You can now filter repair orders by a customer and see how many cars of this customer are in a particular department or phase.

Showing repair order flag in detail view

You can now select the color of the repair order flag by clicking the Flag icon in the upper-right corner of the detail view.

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