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Enter repair location settings

Specify repair location settings while creating or editing a repair location

Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago

In the Location dialog box you can enter the following settings:

  • Name

  • Status indicates whether repair location is active or not. When you select the Not Active status, repair location is not shown in the list of available locations and its repair orders are not processed in the Back Office application. You cannot change the Active status to the Not Active status, if there are not completed repair orders in this location or this location is selected as default repair location for a team or vendor.

  • HOUSE Account is usually used for services that cannot be assigned to a particular employee who works in the given repair location. For example, if such service as Waste Removal Fee must be added to the work order in this location, you can assign it to the HOUSE account.

  • Phase Enforcement defines whether only the next phase is automatically activated when the current phase is completed.

  • Override Ins. Type Settings lets change the Line Approval setting defined on the inspection type level. For example, if the Line Approval setting is turned OFF for a particular inspection type, but you turn it ON for the given location, then inspections of this type created for this location will require line approval.

  • Auto-assign Tech. turns on automatic assignment of service to technician who changes service status to Completed.

  • Close Completed ROs turns on automatic closure of repair orders when their services and phases are completed. In the After Days box you can specify how many days completed repair orders remain open for changes before automatic closure.

  • Complete Invoiced ROs turns on automatic completion of invoiced repair orders so that after an invoice has been created from a repair order you don’t have to manually update all repair order phases which have not been completed yet.

  • Approx. Repair Time is entered in hours and used to calculate the repair order Target date if the approximate repair time is not defined on the work order type level. 

Working Hours

On the Working Hours tab you can set weekly working time for the given repair location. The Working Hours setting can be used together with the Approx. Repair Time setting to calculate the Target Date of repair order in this location.

The Time Zone setting is used to calculate the repair location local time.

To set the working hours

  • Select the check box next to appropriate day of the week, and then use the time picker to set time in the Start Time and the Finish Time boxes.

Address Info

On the Address Info tab you can enter repair location address in the following fields:

  • Address

  • Address 2

  • City

  • Country

  • State/Province

  • Zip/Postal Code

  • Email

  • Phone

Note The repair location address is automatically populated in the appropriate fields of service request appointment form when you select a repair location for appointment with location type “Repair Location”.

Contact Info

On the Contact Info tab you can enter primary contact information for the given repair location in the following fields:

  • Contact

  • Cell

  • Phone

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