ReconPro mobile app 2.16.8 for iOS

What's new in ReconPro mobile app version 2.16.8 for iOS devices

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Filter car history by time period

When you search car history online, you can select one of three time periods to see search results for the past 6, 12, or 24 months. 

Note By default, the car history is shown for the past 6 months.

Question answer services with part categorization

When you select a question answer with an assigned part service which is fully or partially categorized in Back Office, this part service will be automatically added with the appropriate categorization.

Improvements on the Quick Actions screen

When you tap the Scanner icon at the bottom of the Home screen, the Quick Actions screen appears, so now you can decide whether you want to enter VIN or Stock# manually or scan it by tapping the Scanner icon at the top of the screen. 

Note Now team managers can update status of phases and services assigned to technicians of their team. 

Preventing creation of work orders with identical VIN

When you create a work order which type blocks identical VIN, and there is an existing work order (either invoiced or not) for the same vehicle, you get the warning message that you cannot create work order with duplicate VIN.

Showing active phase for monitored work orders

You can now see the name of the active phase on the right side of monitored work orders shown on the Team Work Orders screen. 

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